After Builders Cleaning N6 Highgate

Before and After Builders CleaningWe know how important cleanliness is to everyone. Every household needs to be clean and sanitary all of the time. But even if you are good at cleaning there are some messes that require a professional hand. One such job is after builders cleaning. Our company can send you a reliable professional after builders cleaning team to do the work.

Our company is based and operates in Highgate, N6 and we are offering you very practical prices. Turn to us for a truly detailed after builders cleaning service. At our company we always deliver what we have promised.

Domestic Cleaning ServicesPrices
Regular Cleaning from £19/h
One Off Cleaning from £20/h
Deep Cleaning from £22/h

Highgate’s After Builders Cleaning Services

If your property is left filled with dust, debris, construction wastes and grime from the builders after renovation or repairs work, we can take care of its cleaning. We carry out effective and detailed sanitisation of domestic and commercial properties which have been converted, extended or decorated.

Our after builders cleaning services can be used by the Highgate, N6 residents during all days of the week. We do the cleaning with industrial-strength equipment and preparations which are specially chosen for the surfaces they will clean. Get in touch with us to order the cleaning and specify your demands.

Our flat was left in a very messy and dirty condition after a party which we organised and had in the rooms. We had to deal with the sanitising of the floors, furniture, appliances and rooms on our own so, we ordered the deep cleaning service of this company. The guys came on the next day and undertook excellent work. – Oscar

Post Construction Cleaners in N6

Room After ConstructionEvery home requires a refurbishment once in a while but who’s to take care of the mess the builders leave behind? After builders cleaning is a job you better leave to the professionals working for our company – they operate across Highgate, N6 and can restore the order and cleanliness of your home at a sensible price.

Our cleaners are experienced, committed and motivated to deliver optimal results. Despite that, we dispatch a team supervisor to manage the cleaning process and ensure everything goes as smoothly as possible. We have compiled an extensive checklist which covers all aspects of professional post-construction cleaning. Nevertheless, we aim to work to customers’ individual specifications so don’t hesitate to ask if you have any requirements!

Clean up the mess after your renovation project in Highgate

Is your property currently in a big mess due to a recent renovation? We know that cleaning after builders is a task that requires a lot of efforts and time. Not to mention that sometimes the equipment and detergent we have at home are simply not strong enough. Our company operates in Highgate, N6 and we have provided after builders service for many years.

Our workers are instructed to follow an established cleaning routine which our company have developed itself throughout the years. They can also be very flexible due to the fact that we understand that every property’s condition is different and we are prepared to act accordingly. You can book an appointment with us at any convenient for you time.