Domestic Cleaning

Do not hesitate to choose our professional end of tenancy cleaning service and call our company now. We have flexible work hours and we work seven days a week and on bank holidays. If you are a tenant, a landlord or an estate agent we can help you with this important job. We are bonded and insured, and we have years of experience, you can trust us with your lodging.


We have been operating here in London and end of tenancy cleaning is our speciality. Our service is adjustable and fairly priced. We promise you your lodging will be left sparkling clean, sanitised and deodorised. Give us a call soon.

What is included in our services End of Tenancy Cleaning
Bedroom and common rooms
  • Clean door frames, window ledges and skirting boards
  • Wipe windows from the inside and outside (if accessible)
  • Remove spider web(where safely reachables)
  • Clean radiators (where safely reachable)
  • Hoover carpets/scrub floors
  • Dust furniture and surfaces (picture frames, lampshades, etc.)
Bathroom and Toilet
  • Disinfect sanitary ware
  • Sanitize shower areas (including shower, bathtub)
  • Clean walls
  • Clean and sanitize sink, taps
  • Wipe mirrors and glass areas
  • Scrub and mop floors
  • Remove grease from appliances (as much as possible)
  • Clean appliances, including under them
  • Clean inside and outside kitchen cupboards
  • Sanitize sink and taps
  • Wipe windows
  • Disinfect work areas
Carpet Cleaning
  • Proper vacuuming
  • Pre-treating of stains
  • Stean cleaning
  • Moisture extraction up to 95%
  • Non-toxic and chemicals free products
  • Up-to-date equipment
  • Deodorizing after the cleaning process
  • Quick and easy booking
  • Experienced professionals
After Builders Cleaning
  • Remove grease where applicable
  • Clean inside and outside kitchen cupboards
  • Clean all appliances including oven, microwave, fridge, etc.
  • Clean working surfaces
  • Wipe windows and glass surfaces
  • Mop floor
Bedroom and Common areas
  • Wipe windows from inside
  • Clean and polish door frames, window ledges
  • Mop floors/vacuum carpets
Bathroom and Toilet
  • Clean windows, mirrors and glass surfaces
  • Clean shower area, bathtub
  • Clean and sanitize sink, tiles
Deep Cleaning
  • Clean inside and outside small and big appliances (from coffee machine to dishwasher)
  • Clean sink and taps
  • Wipe all surfaces including glass surfaces
  • Clean walls and floors
Bathroom and Toilet area
  • Wipe glass surfaces
  • Sanitize surfaces
  • Disinfect toilets and bidets
  • Sanitize shower area
  • Scrub tiles
  • Sanitize floors
Bedroom and Living areas
  • Remove dust from surfaces (shelves, picture frames, etc.)
  • Dust furniture
  • Wipe windows from both sides, including window ledges and skirting boards (where accessible)
  • Clean and wipe mirrors
  • Wipe glass surfaces
  • Clean radiators
  • Remove spider webs from accessible places
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Mop hard floors
Domestic Cleaning

Every home needs regular and comprehensive cleaning to be maintained spotless and tidy. Leave your mundane chores to our staff and you will have much more free time and perfectly sanitised houses. We offer professional domestic cleaning which can be used by the residents who live in London at competitive prices.

House Cleaning

Use our call centre to get the information you need and schedule your house cleaning for a convenient time. Our cleaners can mop and hoover the floors, wipe the dust and dirt from the furniture and appliances. If you order more cleaning services to your house cleaning you will receive them at a discount.

After Builders Cleaning

You can order the after builders cleaning you need any time of the day and week.

Builders, renovators and interior designers are all a gift to every new apartment or house you buy or move in. They give their best to make the place feel like home to you. However, they sometimes leave messes behind, after they are done with improving the look of you home. This is where our after builders services is the next move you can make!

Think of us as engineers. We are oftentimes given big and important projects, but we have to look beyond the facade and think about every little detail, so the outlook brings out the best of our potential. This is exactly what our after builders service does with your messy home. We are here to help you get the perfect look of your place, by cleaning it so good, that you will be shocked by all of the shining rooms and dust-free surfaces! Every place we clean is important to us and we give the most of our attention to each and every one. We don’t just dust shelves and clean windows, we direct our attention to the smallest picture frames and every light switch and door handle. Detailed work is our thing and we give more than one hundred per cent to exceed your expectations and make you smile at least because of our perfectly delivered service!

Carpet Cleaning

If you search for qualitative carpet cleaning services in London for your home, commercial or rented property, get in touch with our company. Our team of cleaners are fully vetted, trained and know how to sanitise all kinds of carpets made of synthetic.

Welcome to the place where magic does exist! We don’t have a fancy castle or magic wands, but we possess the knowledge of magically cleaning any carpet!

Instead of using an invisibility cloak to cover up the dirty particles all over your carpet, we have the most modern machines and equipment to make those intruders disappear. We don’t have any potions to remove stains, however, we possess the highest quality of environmentally-friendly cleaning products to deal with these nasty spots. The best part is that our charms are in no way harmful to the condition of your carpets! Our professional magicians will make you carpets perfectly clean and will in no way damage their fabrics or colors. After our carpet cleaning service is delivered, the cleaned areas will smell better than a warm butterbeer!

One might say that we’ve casted spells on our customers, and we don’t deny it. A lot of our clients call us regularly and want more and more of us. That is only because everyone is completely satisfied with the way our magical carpet cleaning services work and we have nothing against cleaning everything you give us! Make a wish, future customer, and don’t be afraid when we come to fulfill it!

Deep Cleaning

Say “no“ to the dirt, stains and bacteria in your home by getting advantage of our dep cleaning services. We are proud with our vast experience and perfect reputation among our customers. We achieved this thanks to our expert cleaning technicians, who always deliver top-notch results for our customers.

The art of cleaning is what our company offers every day to every person who is in the need of a deep cleaning service. We don’t have paintbrushes, pastels and watercolors, however we possess the absolute top of nature-friendly cleaning products and exquisite equipment!

Our employees hardly paint anything, and their paintings collections are not what you think, but they are born with the gift to know how to paint your window in transparent color with a few wipes, and they know how to make your picture frames sparkle and draw attention more than Mona Lisa. The deep cleaning service that we offer is not delivered by painters and artists, who work only when they are inspired. Our professional cleaners are available to you every day of the week. They are artists in terms of cleaning perfectly every inch of your place and making it shine more than the paintings in the museums under the lights.

We have our ways of creating art, and you might as well take advantage of these temptingly low prices on our deep cleaning service!

End Of Tenancy Cleaning

Having to do an end of tenancy cleaning while making sure your moving out goes smoothly can be extremely stressful and unproductive. Instead of trying to do all of the work on your own, call our company and hire our professional cleaners to do what they do best – do your end of tenancy cleaning. We assure you that you and your landlord will be pleased.

Welcome to Wonderland! Don’t expect to see Alice here, because in our world everything is in its place, and every character is perfectly aware of what and when to do! Our end of tenancy cleaning service will make you feel like you’ve lost track of time!

In our Wonderland, we have experienced professionals, who always know how to clean every kind of surface and thoroughly wipe every window. Instead of eating and drinking everything you have in your soon-to-be-former residence, like Alice does, we will clean and polish perfectly every surface. We never lose track of time, and no matter how little it is, we are able to work magic in any circumstances. In the end Alice goes back to reality, however, with our help you will get that refund of your deposit money back – this is the real deal here.

Our end of tenancy service can only help you in the process of moving out! We know what to do and we have the needed knowledge and experience to make you not regret calling us! Beware though, our prices are affordable and our services are selling like hot cakes!

Cons of our services
After Builders Cleaning
  • Thorough cleaning of polluted areas
  • Service available every day of the week
  • Professional employees
  • Eco-friendly cleaning products and detergents
  • Modern equipment
  • Fixed price list
  • Quick booking
Carpet Cleaning
  • Up-to-date hi-tech equipment
  • Moisture extraction (up to 95%)
  • No damaging the condition of the carpet
  • Protective spray layer
  • Affordable prices
  • Fast booking
  • Long-lasting results
Deep Cleaning
  • Service available in one part of the property, or the whole residence
  • Available on the weekends, too
  • Thorough cleaning of the chosen area
  • Professional and experienced cleaning teams
  • Modern and effective machines
  • Harmless to nature cleaning products
  • Seasonal cleaning
  • Competitive prices
End of Tenancy Cleaning
  • Available every day
  • Detailed cleaning of all surfaces in every room
  • Toxins-free products
  • Up-to-date machines
  • Experienced in the field employees
  • Immediate response
  • Quick booking
  • Key pickup option
  • Available in a short notice

Our service is available everywhere in London and we work seven days a week. Our experts will cobweb, dust, vacuum and mop, they will clean all surfaces and polish them, clean tile and grouting, sanitise toilet, deodorise, degrease, de-lime, clean exterior of appliances, etc. Choose our service, call is now.


Yes! Our professional cleaning services are available to you every day from the week. We know that people have busy schedules, and sometimes they are free only on the weekends. We wanted to give great choice of booking to our customers, so they can choose the most convenient time for them! We have no problem with delivering our services at any given moment throughout the whole week!

Our company is nature’s friend! We use only environmentally-friendly cleaning products and detergents. They are toxins and chemicals free and are in no way harmful to the environment at your home or the nature. Our products are also harmless to your health. These facts don’t mean that they are not good for cleaning. We work with eco-friendly products because we don’t want to cause you problems and we find it better to clean naturally. The results are more than obvious and always perfect!

The members of our professional cleaning family are all experienced in the cleaning area. They don’t have criminal records. They are devoted to the work they do and always give their best when completing a cleaning task. Our cleaners had never caused problems at the places they clean. You don’t have to worry about leaving them alone at your place. Everything will be perfectly clean and not a thing will be missing!

Yes, we offer service packages and also promotions. We have a number of different cleaning services and we have no problem combining a few of them for you! For example, you might choose End of Tenancy Cleaning and add Professional Carpet Cleaning to it, if you want us to give extra attention to the carpets. You can mix the services however you want!

All of our services are proper for any kind of apartment or house. They depend on the occasions. For example our Deep Cleaning Service represents a thorough cleaning of your home, no matter how big it is. It can be used also for seasonal cleaning. Our teams work professionally on every task they have and the results are always of the highest quality.